Take our state-of-the-art online hearing test and get preliminary results in 10 minutes or less.

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When you complete the hearing test, you will receive a preliminary set of results indicating any hearing loss that has been detected in either ear.

If your test indicates that you have a moderate or severe hearing loss, our audiology team will reach out to you to schedule an appointment for a full audiological evaluation.


Our team will review your results with you and recommend a hearing treatment plan to meet your lifestyle and hearing needs.


Wondering if you have a hearing loss?

Take My Free Hearing Test

You are eligible for a 30-day trial of the latest hearing technology, including rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity.


Headphones are required, and we recommend completing the test in a quiet location

How Does It Work?

An online hearing test measures how well you can hear different sounds and determine if you may have hearing loss. 

It asks you questions about how you perceive your hearing in different environments and conditions. 

A variety of tones are played through the headphones while you answer questions about each sound.

The results of your free hearing test are separated by ear and indicate where your hearing ability falls on a spectrum from significant loss to good hearing. 

Your results may recommend a professional audiological evaluation and your audiologist can use this information to order a comprehensive set of hearing tests.


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